Taper Grinding

Precision taper grinding involves many steps necessary to complete a thorough finish. We specialize in the highest precision bore and width measurements throughout the length of a part and ensure the highest quality taper grinding finish. read more about taper grinding ...

Radius Grinding

Precision radius grinding on the outer or inner diameter of shafts, pins, rings or tool dies requires using the highest quality diamond-tipped grinding wheel dressers and optical comparators for radius grinding measurements. read more about radius grinding ...

Chipper Blade Grinding

Precision chipper blade sharpening by grinding for lawn service companies. read more about chipper blade grinding ...

Precision grinding is a highly sophisticated job that requires accuracy through superb machinery and operator performance. It is usually required in manufacturing and metal working and can also be required for automobile manufacturing and prototyping. You will need a qualified precision grinding professional to achieve the most accurate specifications. While there are many precision grinding services available across Detroit, Michigan, Toledo, Ohio and Indiana, you should always look for a business that has experience in what your grinding job requires and that has satisfied many customers by performing high quality precision grinding.

The most commonly needed precision surface is the internal diameter of a part or tool. This is accomplished by internal grinding or ID grinding. In ID grinding, we grind the inner diameter of a part using a variety of grinding wheels that vary according to the hardness of the material being removed. OD grinding on the other hand, is performed to grind a cylindrical partís outer diameter.

Do you need grinding to be done to a chromed or welded part? We can save you money in fabrication costs by fixing your worn-out metal or stainless steel parts through the use of chrome or welds, then we finish grinding to your specifications so that your part will be just like new.

Some grinding may require the use of specialized equipment such as very large calipers and micrometers or creep feed grinding to remove thick stock. We use highly accurate machines and gauges to produce precise surfaces, contours, forms and holes to within tight tolerances. Most of our precision grinding services work with metals including titanium, steel, alloys, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, cast iron, nickel and others. Our featured services are ID grinding, OD grinding, taper grinding, radius grinding, angle grinding and custom form grinding. We at Revak Precision Grinding guarantee you the highest precision on our work. To learn more about our available precision grinding services, click on a category or call us at